The founders, key managers and advisors of Cinnafilm have combined experience exceeding 100 years in the software development, critical engineering, broadcast, post production and Information Technology (IT) fields. The combination of mathematical precision, media and entertainment savvy, and IT know-how has created a management team ideally suited to guide Cinnafilm to the forefront of technology companies providing solutions in a converging video/data market landscape. All members of the management team, whether full-time or retained in a consulting capacity, are committed to the long-term success of Cinnafilm.


Lance Maurer is the founder, president and CEO of Cinnafilm, Inc. Prior to launching Cinnafilm, Maurer spent ten years in the aerospace industry designing, analyzing and testing technology used in the world’s most advanced spacecraft, becoming an expert in thermal, structural and materials design for launch vehicle applications.

During his aerospace tenure he also pursued his life’s passion of storytelling and filmmaking on nights and weekends, finding the time to write, direct, produce and edit numerous independent film projects. Never satisfied with the image results he could get with those independent toolsets, Lance’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited a new path for him to follow in the field of image processing. Lance founded Digital Alchemy in 2004, which eventually became Cinnafilm, Inc. in 2007 – with the mission of finally bridging the quality gap between film and video.

Over the next seven years he employed an uncompromising determination and strict engineering philosophy to bootstrap and build a company from a paper napkin scribble into one of the most advanced image optimization technology companies on the planet. Today Cinnafilm provides the highest-quality image conversion solutions to movies studios, broadcast networks, and multi-media servicers around the world. Lance, a graduate of New Mexico State University with a BS, Mechanical Engineering, was born and lives in New Mexico – the birthplace of many profound technological breakthroughs throughout history.


As Chief Operations Officer, Ernie has responsibility for all IT, HR, Product Support, Marketing and Sales for Cinnafilm. Although the majority of his professional career has been in sales-oriented positions, he has a strong engineering and project management background well-suited for the operational tasks of Cinnafilm.

Ernie also has twenty-four years of experience with studio and stage audio technologies and has worked as a composer, arranger, producer and musician across many music genres, scoring multiple independent films. Having been in sales for over twelve years as a highly recognized Senior Consulting Account Manager for numerous technology solutions companies, including Applied Innovation, Sprint, and Forysthe, Ernie was very successful in growing sales both in green-field and established accounts. Ernie graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Chris joined Cinnafilm as CTO in September of 2009. In addition to being one of the founders of Cinnafilm, Chris provided the technological vision for the Pixel Strings™ processing engine as well as the first software programs that leveraged its power. Chris has over 23 years of professional software engineering experience with specialization in video and 3D multimedia technologies.

Early in his career, Chris developed 2D/3D CAD systems for SARA System’s facility engineering software and conversion modules for MacKichan’s Scientific Workplace product. Prior to joining Cinnafilm, Chris was a 13-year veteran of Intel Corporation, in Portland Oregon, where he designed and developed numerous technologies including: the 3D compression technologies in Adobe Shockwave 3D; the 3D character animation and blending systems used by ORAD’s Hi Tec System’s ‘Video for 3D’ soccer analysis and broadcast tool; with Microsoft, their Direct3D Mobile standard and the first XScale optimized Direct3D software rasterizer. Chris also architected the Order Independent Transparency (OIT) technology for the new Intel Larrabee discreet graphics card and was a Senior Architect for the Larrabee Samples SDK.

Chris holds 10 patents in 3D graphics compression, capture and image processing. Chris graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Computer Science.


The Board of Directors consists of six directors, the management team’s CEO, COO and CTO, and four outside directors:

Patrick O’Neal – Associate Director, McKesson Corp, Masters in Acct & Finance, single largest investor
Rick Walker – Outside Corporate Counsel, serves as the company’s Secretary
Brad Carvey – Winner of a Technical Emmy, provides VFX expertise to major feature films
William Marks – Graduate of Depaul University. Former CIO at a Health care institution and retired Vice President Sales from Forsythe Solutions. Board member Tulsa Sports Charities