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BREAKING NEWS: Winner, HPA 2014 Engineering Excellence Award!

The Tachyon Wormhole Appliance is designed to be a turnkey solution for operations desiring to shorten or lengthen video projects by ±10%. Using the latest Cinnafilm algorithms, Tachyon Wormhole does something no other technology can: Transform media transformation from being a cost of doing business into a source of revenue generation – without affecting video, audio, or closed caption integrity.

Partnering with Wohler, Cinnafilm has created an incredibly fast, complete retiming solution for file-based workflows. Using the unmatchable processing speed of RadiantGrid, Tachyon Wormhole delivers two projects per server in an economic appliance.

Unlike other solutions that simply speed up or drop frames from the assets, Tachyon Wormhole uses proven motion compensation algorithms to “recapture” video to play faster/slower, creating a much smoother solution than what has been previously available. Audio is expertly retimed and pitch corrected to ensure there is no perceivable difference in the end-viewers experience, and those with closed caption requirements will be glad to know all captions will also be retimed to match the specified adjustment in run length.

Tachyon Wormhole also provides the ability to lengthen assets to match a specific target run time. Was the project sent to you 22 seconds short of the allocated time slot? Tachyon Wormhole has the ability to expand time, up to 10% of the total run length, eliminating the need to request a new asset or to send the project back to editing.

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