Tachyon® Wormhole™ is a unique media retiming solution for file-based workflows that offers a compelling ROI for Broadcasters, Content Owners and Service Providers alike. Based on award-winning technology from both Wohler and Cinnafilm, Tachyon Wormhole enables a plus or minus run-time adjustment of media assets while preserving not only video and audio quality, but also closed caption integrity. Tachyon Wormhole is ideal for anyone wishing to hit a delivery target time – perfectly.



  • Adjust run-time of file-based assets with no perceivable difference in quality.
    • Process video using unique motion compensated algorithms.
    • Precisely adjust audio run length and accurately correct pitch.
    • Automatically adjust closed-captions for the new run length.
  • Delivers incredible performance with two simultaneous conversions per appliance.
  • Includes the award-winning capabilities of Cinnafilm’s Tachyon Standards Converter.

Where to buy

Tachyon is exclusively offered by Wohler. For more product details and to buy please visit retime.tv