What is Tachyon Wormhole?

Cinnafilm’s Tachyon Wormhole is a unique media retiming solution for file-based workflows that offers a compelling ROI for Broadcasters, Content Owners and Service Providers alike. Based on award-winning RadiantGrid and Tachyon technology, Tachyon Wormhole provides two real-time (HD) encoding streams that deliver up to ±20% run-time adjustment of media assets while preserving not only video and audio quality, but also closed caption integrity. Tachyon Wormhole is ideal for anyone wishing to hit a delivery target time—perfectly.



Adjust run-time of file-based assets with no perceivable difference in playback quality:

  • Process video using Cinnafilm’s patented, unique motion compensated algorithms—not by dropping frames which create stuttering video.
  • Use global settings or create a segmented cut sheet for precise control.
  • Precisely adjust audio run length and accurately correct pitch to match video.
  • Automatically adjusts closed-captions for the new run length
    Scene by scene adjustment and on-the-fly recalculation for total target length

Tachyon Wormhole allows you to dramatically reduce/collapse your workflow by including multiple operations that would normally need multiple passes—meaning, you can do it all in one step!

  • Retime
  • Frame rate convert
  • Change resolution and/or format
  • Denoise/degrain/dustbust
  • Transcode

All in a single render!

Technical Details

Standard Features

  • Award winning Tachyon Wormhole Retiming (±20%) algorithms
  • Enterprise-grade transcoding software with full SOAP/REST API and extensive XML API
  • 2 real-time (HD) encoding streams
  • Award winning Tachyon Frame rate conversion
  • High quality resolution interchange (SD to 4K)
  • Intelligent inverse telecine detection and removal
  • Video legalization
  • Popular broadcast CODECs
    • AVID DNxHD 8/10 bit
    • ProRes 422 / 4444
    • XDCAM HD422
    • XDCAM IMX/D-10

Resolution/FrameRate support

  • Spatial: PAL; NTSC; 720p; 1080i; 1080p; 2k; 4k.
  • Frame Rate: 23.976p, 24p, 25P, 29.97p, 25i , 29.97i, 50p, 60p.
  • Color: up to 16 bit 4:4:4:4 via a full-fidelity processing pipeline.

Retime methods

  • Retime based on timecode range.
  • Ignore (hold) segment.
  • Exclude (remove) segment.
  • Retime segment explicitly.
  • Automatically “fit-to-fill” segment (to meet the target asset duration).
  • Detect-and-pass ‘black/silence’ slugs.

Processing method

  • Video: Full award-winning motion compensated processing, re-synthesizes video data to produce perfect pictures. No dropped frames, no stutters!
  • Audio: Full, non-destructive, retime and audio pitch correct of up to 64 channels results in perfect audio.
  • Caption: Retime support for 608/708 inside SMPTE 436M and QuickTime.


  • Dark Energy Texture-Aware Resolution Scaling and Noise Reduction
    • Film grain reduction
    • Gaussian noise reduction
    • Chrominance noise removal
    • Luminance noise removal
    • Dustbusting
  • Dolby E decoding (to 32 pairs).

In these practical, real-world use examples below, Tachyon Wormhole was able to process a complex retiming job in under 0.8 x asset run-length:

  • Processing 2 x 30 minute sources in parallel (1 hour source in total)
    • XDCAM HD422 in MXF 1080i60 shortened by 10% and converted to ProRes 422 1080i60 in MOV
    • 47 minutes to complete.
  • Processing 2 x 30 minute sources in parallel (1 hour source in total)
    • XDCAM HD422 in MXF 1080i60 shortened by 10% and converted to AVID DNxHD 1080i60 in MXF
    • 46 minutes to complete.

Tachyon Wormhole is available for acquisition in both CAPEX and OPEX solutions:

    • $55,000 for perpetual Tachyon Wormhole license as described in Standard Features
    • $12,375 annual maintenance (upgrades and tech support)
  • OPEX
    • $33,687.50 annual subscription (1 year usage, includes updates & tech support)

For more information on how to make Tachyon Wormhole a part of your workflow, contact sales@cinnafilm.com.