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Video Standards Conversion | Frame Rate Conversion | Reverse Telecine | Frame Rate Normalization

What is Cinnafilm Tachyon, and how can it enhance your video standards and frame rate conversion workflows?

Like its faster-than-light namesake, Tachyon does seemingly impossible, often faster than real-time standards conversions, frame rate conversions, reverse telecine, and frame rate normalization.

Available within PixelStrings and as a plug-in with our OEM transcoding partners, Tachyon is the ultimate automated conversion technology. Think of us as your frame mechanics, working under the hood to fix video problems you didn’t even know existed.


The Tachyon video standards conversion tool has always been NVIDIA GPU-based to achieve unparalleled quality and speed performance. No other conversion product created for enterprise-grade transcoders matches the speed and scalability of Tachyon for performing the following:

  • Conversion for file-based and live IP workflows
  • Motion compensated-based frame rate conversions for superlative standards conversions
  • Advanced, two-stage deinterlacing that nearly eliminates all aliasing in SD content and extracts every possible detail from interlaced HD sources
  • Telecine and pattern removal including progressive patterns and patterns with broken cadences
  • Resolution interchange (upscale/downscale) up to 8K
  • Mixed-mode normalization identifies and normalizes disparate video essences
  • Motion blur insertion when converting from higher digital rates to lower filmic rates
  • Solutions for maintaining filmic look when converting to higher frame rates


  • Frame rate conversion
  • Standards conversion (NTSC/PAL)
  • Motion-compensated frame rate conversion – any source frame rate/standards conversion to any frame rate/standards conversion target
  • Ability to synthesize new frames to preserve natural motion
  • Inverse telecine/pulldown removal – simple/complex patterns
  • Multiple telecine pattern insertion
  • Broken pulldown cadence detection and correction
  • Precision motion blur for high frame rate to low frame rate conversions
  • Scene-by-scene automated precision
  • Composited video error corrections (auto rotoscope)
  • Filmic source/look preservation for 25/29.97i and 50/59.94p outputs
  • Resolution interchange
  • Advanced algorithms for anime/cartoon source
  • Highest quality deinterlacing
  • Interlace-aware up/down rescaling SD – 8K+
  • Output speeds of real-time or faster with a single GPU

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