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Breaking the Laws of Motion

Like its faster-than-light namesake, Tachyon does the seemingly impossible, and often faster than real-time. Standards Conversions, Frame Rate Conversions, Reverse Telecine, Frame Rate Normalization. You get the idea.

Available for on-premises workstations, as a plug-in with our OEM transcoding partners, or in the Cloud, Tachyon is the ultimate automated conversion technology. Think of us as your frame mechanics, working under the hood to fix video problems you didn’t even know existed.

Tachyon on Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise Transcode platforms that have integrated Tachyon:

Automated Excellence on Any Device

Although it is just a theoretical particle in astrophysics, it is a reality for Cinnafilm clients and partners. Tachyon gives users access to the highest quality format and standards conversions tools, elevating their regular transcoders to Tachyon-powered Standards Transcoders™.

Cinnafilm’s patented, GPU-based algorithms in Tachyon are the replacement for dedicated, SDI hardware converters that broadcasters and post facilities have wanted for years. Available as both an appliance and a plug-in, regardless of your needs, there is a version of Tachyon right for you.

Standards Transcoding® (performing a standards conversion during a transcode) many simultaneous files at near real-time speeds on a single server was impossible before Tachyon. Some transcoding companies attempt standards conversion while transcoding, but at 5‐8 times slower than real time, and only one conversion per server, economies of scale will never be realized. Other transcoding companies have “bolted-on” legacy SDI hardware-based standards converters in an attempt to make files flow in a Frankenstein-like fashion, but the end result is a long trip to/from baseband, and one conversion per server.


Tachyon was created from the ground up for file-based workflows and leverages both CPU and GPU to provide unparalleled performance with both vertical and horizontal system scaling. There is not another transcoding/conversion product on the market that can match the speed and scalability of Tachyon.

Tachyon eliminates transcode failures associated with:

  • Broken 3:2 pulldown cadence
  • Intermixed field dominance
  • Intermixed video mode
  • Composited cadence errors

In addition, Tachyon provides industry-leading:

  • Compressed file support
  • PAL/NTSC conversions
  • Image scaling
  • Noise reduction via Dark Energy plug-in


Only Tachyon delivers the scalability broadcasters and content providers need.

  • High frame rate (HFR) & motion blur conversions
  • Phase correlation-based, motion compensation engine
  • Frame Rate Conversion
    • Ability to synthesize new frames to preserve natural motion
    • Format and standards conversion (NTSC, PAL, 525, 625, HD, 2K, 4K)
  • High-quality deinterlacing
  • Interlace-aware up/down rescaling
  • Inverse telecine
  • Broken pulldown cadence detection and correction
  • Compositing errors cadence correction
  • Multiple telecine pattern insertion
    • 2:3
    • 2:2
    • 4:4
    • Euro
    • Adaptive
  • Precision conversions performed with 32bit floats per channel
    16 bit per color channel pipeline
  • Output speeds of real time or faster – with a single GPU*
  • Phase correlation-based, motion compensation engine

High Performance

Using the latest generation NVIDIA Pascal-based GPUs, Tachyon is capable of greater than real-time processing speeds for each individual Standards Transcoding stream. While you do not need a Pascal series GPU, we do require at least a Kepler-class GPU that is capable of TCC mode.

The following are single-GPU, real-world encoding benchmarks for Tachyon jobs processed on a Pascal series Quadro 6000 in TCC mode:

HD 25i (50 Fields) Conversion to HD 29.97i (59.94 fields)

Tachyon Settings: Performance:
Auto Motion Compensation / Allow 2:3 Insertion 41.32 FPS

HD 29.97i Conversion to HD 25i

Tachyon Settings: Performance:
Auto Motion Compensation / Allow Telecine Removal / Allow 2:3 Insertion 34.00 FPS

Of course, all other less intensive conversions, such as telecine removal, image scaling, and pattern insertion will run faster than any of the benchmarks provided above.