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Tachyon by Cinnafilm

Frame Rate Conversions and Frame Mechanics

The Gold Standard

The transition to file-based workflows was initially void of high-quality standards and frame rate conversions. Until 2013, trips to/from baseband were still the primary method for frame rate and standards conversions – that’s when Tachyon began winning side-by-side shootouts, providing speed and functionality that was impossible to imagine with a real-time SDI-based system. Since then, Tachyon has quietly become the global standard by which all conversions are measured.

From frame mechanics to high-quality image scaling to complex frame rate conversions, Tachyon’s ability to automatically correct and convert video images is unmatched in speed and quality.

Warp speed indeed.

  • Standards conversions
  • Frame rate conversions
  • Deinterlacing
  • Normalizing of mixed frame rates
  • Repair of broken 3:2 pulldown cadence
  • Repair of intermixed field dominance
  • Repair of intermixed video mode
  • Repair of composited cadence errors
  • Inverse telecine
  • Super slow motion
  • Broken cadence detection & correction
  • Compositing errors cadence correction
  • Multiple telecine pattern insertion
    • 2:3
    • 2:2
    • 4:4
    • Euro
    • Adaptive
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Dark Energy by Cinnafilm

Noise and Grain Management

Picture Perfect/Automated Optimization

Cinnafilm’s renowned spatial solution, Dark Energy, is a game changer. Originally developed for texture management and restoration on major feature films, our spatial toolset is more than ready to make stunning UHD up-converts and optimized OTT streams today.

  • Image Scaling / Sharpening – From 8mm to IMAX / From SD to UHD and beyond
  • Dustbusting – Automatic re-touching with up to 80% artifact removal
  • Denoise / Grain Removal – The industry’s most powerful and effective noise/grain reduction/removal capabilities
  • Simulated Film Grain – Replace buzzing digital noise with gentle bubbling film grain.
  • Texture Management – Match the look of different cameras with custom noise/grain characteristics across all footage.
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Cinnafilm Dark Energy Xenon

Automated HDR Conversions

HDR That Sells It

By combining Cinnafilms Dark Energy and Advanced HDR by Technicolor we’ve created a tool to give your SDR libraries a new life for the latest home theater technology and OTT delivery. Additionally, Dark Energy Xenon™ (Xenon) streamlines editorial and production workflows for non-HDR content to be seamlessly edited into natively-captured HDR material.

Just a taste of what can be done with Xenon:

  • Automated denoise/degrain with 4 unique filters to address
    • Film grain
    • Gaussian noise
    • Chrominance noise
    • Luminance noise
    • Dustbusting
  • Image texture generation
    • Broadcast appropriate image texture
    • Film grain simulation

  • Superlative upres with multi-stage sharpening
    • SD HD
    • HD UHD
    • Downres
  • Convert HDR to SDR/HLG/HDR10/SLog3 HDR formats while maintaining metadata of the original HDR asset

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Wormhole by Cinnafilm

Dynamic Retiming

Timing Is Everything

Everyone wants things to fit perfectly, and a program’s runtime is no different. With broadcasters maximizing commercial placements and international distribution placing different program length requirements, what to add or take away to fill or contract the space is a challenge. Cinnafilm has a suggestion – how about the video itself!

Wormhole places our most advanced technologies into an automated process to retime programming to fit the time budget.  Whether it is expanding or contracting the run time, Wormhole never doubles or drops frames; it uses the same advanced motion compensation engine found in Tachyon to generate frames that are motion accurate. The result is camera panning that is smooth, and object motion which moves like the original.

While Cinnafilm solutions are always engineered with full automation in mind, we understand that certain portions of programming cannot be retimed for copyright reasons, or that the user desires  specific portions to be treated differently. Wormhole provides users the ability to customize their retimes using timecode-based templates that can be fully automated from asset management systems.

It’s all about time, and Wormhole provides users with the flexibility to create it or take it away.

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RadiantGrid by Cinnafilm

Standards Transcoding

Transcode Workhorse

The multi-award-winning RadiantGrid media transformation solution was purchased by Cinnafilm in 2017, and we quickly realized the value that was waiting to be unlocked by the transcoding universe.

Learning from history:
Thinking back to when Rhozet was initially released many years ago, it was a feature-rich transcoding platform that was sold at a very affordable price. It became one of the best-selling encoding solutions of all time, and thousands of units are still in use today.

Cinnafilm views RadiantGrid as the next Rhozet, packing many sought-after features into an easy-to-use package and selling it at an affordable price.  But where RadiantGrid differs from past encoding solutions is that it embraces the latest 10bit CODECs like ProRes XQ, JPEG2000 and H.265 without breaking the bank. RadiantGrid also maintains workflow simplicity while being fully expandable to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. The workflow capabilities using RadiantGrid are simply too numerous to list.

Optional, award-winning technologies like Tachyon, Linear Acoustic,Dolby, Wormhole and more are also available to incorporate into RadiantGrid’s intelligent ecosystem. By combining best-of-breed options into the meta-data and analysis-driven ingest engine of RadiantGrid, users will dramatically reduce the time they spend creating workflows for disparate source files and reduce the volume of profiles they create to manage their transcoding environment.

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PixelStrings by Cinnafilm

Media Conversion Software as a Service

One Platform To Rule Them All

We combined all of Cinnafilm’s industry-leading video conversion and optimization tools into one complete cloud platform, PixelStrings. It is professional grade and broadcast quality. You can think of it as your personal automated “anything to anything” image processing monster in the sky. Or, something like that.

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