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Tachyon Wormhole
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Tachyon Wormhole

Benefits and Features

  • Video retiming, audio retiming, and caption retiming up to ±20%. Picture only: ±50% ramp up/±300% ramp down
  • Super slow motion from 50 field and 59.94 field assets (up to 900%*)
  • Tachyon motion-compensated frame engine ensures the smoothest playback. No stuttered action or jumping pans typically caused by dropped frames
  • Precisely adjust audio run length and accurately correct pitch to match video
  • Automatically adjust closed-captions for the new run length
  • Use global settings or create a segmented cut sheet for precise control
  • Scene-by-scene adjustment and on-the-fly recalculation for a total target length
  • Automatic black detection

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