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The Time Machine

Cinnafilm’s Wormhole is a unique media retiming solution for file-based workflows, offering a compelling ROI for broadcasters, content owners and service providers alike.

Based on the RadiantGrid transcoder platform, the HPA Engineering Excellence Award-winning Wormhole provides two real-time (HD) encoding streams that deliver up to ±50% runtime adjustment of your media, while preserving video, audio and closed caption integrity. Wormhole can hit your delivery target runtimes — perfectly.


Adjust run time of file-based assets with no perceivable difference in playback quality:

  • Process video using Cinnafilm’s patented, unique motion compensated algorithms — no dropped frames, which cause stuttered action and jumping pans
  • Use global settings or create a segmented cut sheet for precise control
  • Precisely adjust audio run length and accurately correct pitch to match video
  • Automatically adjusts closed-captions for the new run length
  • Scene by scene adjustment and on-the-fly recalculation for total target length
  • Automatic black detection

The screenshot below demonstrates the scene-by-scene control of the Wormhole User Interface. You set an overall time adjustment, but if there are specific scenes that need special treatment, you have the power to designate by timecode where those scenes are. The scenes which are set to AUTO will then be shortened/lengthened as necessary to meet the overall time adjustment objective once the special treatments are taken into consideration.

This screen shot is of Wormhole’s global retiming method which simply applies time reduction/expansion evenly to the entire project.


Workflow Simplicity

Wormhole allows you to dramatically reduce/collapse your workflow by including multiple operations that would typically require multiple renders with other solutions . . .

  • Retime
  • Frame rate convert
  • Remove telecine/pulldown
  • Change resolution and/or format
  • Denoise/degrain/dustbust
  • Insert telecine/pulldown
  • Transcode

. . . all in the same render.

Technical Details

Typical Deployment Configuration

  • Award-winning Wormhole retiming (±50%) algorithms
  • Enterprise-grade transcoding software with full SOAP/REST API and extensive XML API
  • 2 real-time (HD) encoding streams
  • Award-winning Tachyon frame rate conversion
  • High-quality resolution interchange (SD to 4K)
  • Intelligent inverse telecine detection and removal
  • Video legalization
  • ProRes plus choice of 1 additional CODEC
    • AVID DNxHD 8/10 bit
    • AVC
    • J2K

Resolution/Frame Rate Support

  • Spatial: PAL; NTSC; 720p; 1080i; 1080p; 2k; 4k.
  • Frame Rate: 23.976p, 24p, 25P, 29.97p, 25i , 29.97i, 50p, 60p.
  • Color: up to 16 bit 4:4:4:4 via a full-fidelity processing pipeline.

Retime Methods

  • Retime based on timecode range.
  • Ignore (hold) segment.
  • Exclude (remove) segment.
  • Retime segment explicitly.
  • Automatically “fit-to-fill” segment (to meet the target asset duration).
  • Detect-and-pass “black/silence” slugs.

Processing Method

  • Video: Full award-winning motion-compensated processing, re-synthesizes video data to produce perfect pictures. No dropped frames, no stutters!
  • Audio: Full, non-destructive, retime and audio pitch correct of up to 64 channels results in perfect audio.
  • Caption: Retime support for 608/708 inside SMPTE 436M and QuickTime.


  • Dark Energy Texture-Aware Resolution Scaling and Noise Reduction
    • Film grain reduction
    • Gaussian noise reduction
    • Chrominance noise removal
    • Luminance noise removal
    • Dustbusting
  • Dolby E decoding (to 32 pairs)


In these practical, real-world use examples below, Wormhole was able to process a complex retiming job in under 0.8 x asset run-length:

  • Processing 2 x 30 minute sources in parallel (1 hour source in total)
    • XDCAM HD422 in MXF 1080i60 shortened by 10% and converted to ProRes 422 1080i60 in MOV
    • 47 minutes to complete.
  • Processing 2 x 30 minute sources in parallel (1 hour source in total)
    • XDCAM HD422 in MXF 1080i60 shortened by 10% and converted to AVID DNxHD 1080i60 in MXF
    • 46 minutes to complete.


Wormhole is available for acquisition in both CAPEX and OPEX solutions:

    • $55,000 for perpetual Wormhole license as described in Typical Deployment Configuration
    • $11,000 annual maintenance (upgrades and tech support)
  • OPEX
    • $33,000 annual subscription (1 year usage as described in Typical Deployment Configuration, includes updates & tech support)

For more information on how to make Wormhole a part of your workflow, contact

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