Tachyon Settings Guide

For Spacetime 8, build 10536 or later

The Vantage UI will not have the extreme motion settings or other new features found in Tachyon 8 until it is officially realized for Vantage. We will have a transcoder selection option shortly, but until then, in order to achieve optimal results, match up the "Allow" options in these UI photos in addition to enabling Motion Compensation AUTO settings.

Tachyon is not needed for this conversion.

Tachyon is not needed for this conversion.

{{ outputRate.msg }}

For this conversion, setting Motion Compensation to 'Auto' results in:

Normal Motion Extreme Motion
Motion Amount: {{ outputRate.normalMotion.motionAmount }} {{ outputRate.extremeMotion.motionAmount }}
Block Size: {{ outputRate.normalMotion.blockSize }} {{ outputRate.extremeMotion.blockSize }}
Fallback Blend Area: {{ outputRate.normalMotion.fallback }} {{ outputRate.extremeMotion.fallback }}

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