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PixelStrings by Cinnafilm


One Platform To Rule Them All

PixelStrings® is a pay-as-you-go, Op-Ex PaaS (Platform as a Service) that operates media conversion workflows in the cloud and on-premises. It is powered by the same industry-leading tools international studios, production companies, and broadcasters trust on their most valuable theatrical, broadcast, and OTT content.

In the cloud we have bolted this powerful toolset of best-of-breed technology to a fully scalable backend to crush any quantity of professional conversions; we have built the ultimate conversion swiss army knife. Whether you are an enterprise studio or an independent needing the job done in a coffee shop, PixelStrings is the one platform that can create all of the high-quality outputs you need.

Full-stack powerhouse:

Built for the new paradigm

  • On-prem or cloud next-gen workflows for next-gen business models
  • Simple pricing for OpEx-subscription and utility
  • Single-pass processing
  • Unlimited scaling power with back-end logic
  • Bring your own storage
  • AWS / Azure-capable
  • Manage your users

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Skywalker Sound Tools

Best in Galaxy Audio Processing

Skywalker Sound Tools (SST) combines extremely high-quality audio processing capabilities based on decades of audio brilliance from Skywalker Sound with automated, intelligent orchestration that greatly reduces audio workflow complexity. SST provides extensive audio channel routing, downmixing, audio resampling, retiming, intelligent upmix, and broad audio loudness processing capabilities that enable users to deliver to any media distribution specification——all in a simplified, single interface that eliminates the need for most multi-stage audio processing workflows. This technology is exclusively available in PixelStrings.

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Tachyon by Cinnafilm


The Gold Standard

Like its faster-than-light namesake, Tachyon does the seemingly impossible, and often faster than real-time. Standards conversions, frame rate conversions, reverse telecine, and frame rate normalization.

Available for on-premises workstations, as a plug-in with our OEM transcoding partners, or in the cloud, Tachyon is the ultimate automated conversion technology. Think of us as your frame mechanics, working under the hood, to fix video problems you didn’t even know existed.

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Dark Energy by Cinnafilm

Dark Energy

Picture Perfect/Automated Optimization

Dark Energy is the motion picture industry’s go-to toolset for grain/noise reduction and texture management. As a premiere spatial processing platform, Dark Energy also produces impeccable deinterlaced video and cranks out theatrical-quality upres conversions.

Its uncanny ability to remove noise while retaining detail means Dark Energy is also a great solution for high-end, pre-encode optimizations. With Dark Energy, you get better-looking streams with fewer bits.

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Wormhole by Cinnafilm

Tachyon Wormhole

Timing Is Everything

Wormhole is a unique media retiming solution for file-based workflows, offering a compelling ROI for broadcasters, content owners, and service providers alike.

As a plug-in for the PixelStrings platform, the HPA Engineering Excellence Award-winning Wormhole has two primary applications: program retiming and super slow motion. For precision retiming of program material, Wormhole provides ±20% runtime adjustment of your media, while preserving video, audio (leveraging Skywalker Sound’s incredible audio processing library), and closed caption integrity. Wormhole can hit your delivery target runtimes perfectly.

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Cinnafilm Dark Energy Xenon

Dark Energy Xenon

HDR That Sells It

Xenon combines Cinnafilm’s industry-leading texture management and noise removal technology (Dark Energy) with the state-of-the-art Advanced HDR by Technicolor solution.

Xenon is an enterprise-grade, HDR conversion up/down/cross system that provides an incomparable file-based solution for automated, high-quality HDR conversions from SDR source material, vice versa, and cross-conversion between different HDR standards.

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