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Dark Energy
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Dark Energy

The Broadcast/Motion Picture Industry’s Go-To Noise and Grain Reduction Tool

What is Cinnafilm Dark Energy, and how is it your best solution for denoising, restoration, and grain reduction of digital video content?

Cinnafilm Dark Energy is the premier spatial processing platform, producing impeccable deinterlaced video, theatrical-quality upresed/upscaled conversions, and better-looking streams with fewer bits. It also outperforms the standard denoising third-party plug-in options available for non-linear editing programs such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Broadcasters, OTT providers, and content distributors: Remove noise while retaining the detail of your large libraries of compressed content. Dark Energy provides the most believable film grain texture ever to be generated by a computer-based process, producing impeccable denoise results on image-sequenced-based projects.


  • Automated noise and grain management for transcoding pipelines and compressed video
  • “Broadcast” image texture for crisp images at low, broadcast bitrates
  • 35mm presets for cinematic material
  • Dustbust
  • Chroma noise removal
  • Precise upres that is texture-aware: automatically adjusts grain structure based on target resolution
  • Template-based processing for especially challenging projects

Dark Energy Enterprise Platform Partners

Dark Energy for After Effects Plug-in

Dark Energy for After Effects is discontinued. Get the latest version of Dark Energy and all of Cinnafilm’s audio and video processing solutions via PixelStrings Cloud and On-Prem.