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One Platform To Rule Them All

PixelStrings® is a pay-as-you-go, Op-Ex SaaS (Software as a Service) that operates media conversion workflows in the cloud and on-premises. It is powered by the same industry-leading tools international studios, production companies, and broadcasters trust on their most valuable theatrical, broadcast, and OTT content.

In the cloud we have bolted this powerful toolset of best-of-breed technology to a fully scalable backend to crush any quantity of professional conversions; we have built the ultimate conversion swiss army knife. Whether you are an enterprise studio or an independent needing the job done in a coffee shop, PixelStrings is the one platform that can create all of the high-quality outputs you need.

Full-stack powerhouse:

Built for the new paradigm

  • On-prem or cloud next-gen workflows for next-gen business models
  • Simple pricing for OpEx-subscription and utility
  • Single-pass processing
  • Unlimited scaling power with back end logic
  • Bring your own storage
  • AWS / Azure-capable
  • Manage your users

The Apps


The world’s most trusted Standards Conversion and Frame Rate Correction system.

Dark Energy

The Industry’s most powerful Image Optimization and Noise Reduction toolset.


Simply the finest quality Program Retiming and Super Slo-Mo Conversion solution.


Built on Technicolor’s brilliant tone mapping technology, Xenon is our unparalleled SDR-to-HDR conversion solution.


Decades of post sound wizardry from the legendary Skywalker Ranch come together in this industry-first revelation for audio mastering, versioning and manipulation.


“Progressify” telecine content

Ensure that your original film-look is properly extracted from broadcast versions that have repeated field/frame patterns.

Make your runtime fit perfectly

Global retiming of audio, video, and captions to meet any run-time requirement. Oh, and super-slow motion from regular assets too.

Normalize your project

Interlaced containers can have a myriad of video essences. Normalizing to one, great looking progressive essence is essential for OTT distribution.

Master texture management

Film or digital, your project has a specific look and feel that is only preserved through proper texture (grain) management.


PixelStrings’ industry-leading feature set is built on the foundation of decades of industry experience.

Supported Codecs

ProRes, DNxHR, H.264, you name it! If it’s a standard codec, we support it or it’s in our roadmap.

Cloud Transcoding

Transform your assets into the latest formats, codecs and resolutions with the massively scalable infrastructure of the public cloud and our revolutionary algorithms.

Standards Conversions

Powered by Cinnafilm’s Tachyon solution, PixelStrings offers on-prem quality conversions in the cloud.

Dynamic Retiming

Unleash the power of super-slow motion (up to 300%), audio retiming and run-length adjustment up to +-20%.

Noise Removal

The legendary Dark Energy denoising and texture management are included at no additional charge.

IMF Packaging

Prepare your content for delivery to ANY channel with the new standard: SMPTE Interoperable Master Format.


Repurpose SDR archives to be seen like never before on today’s advanced home theaters.

Developer API

Our premium API solution helps you integrate the PixelStrings cloud solution into any pipeline.


Subscribe to an annual plan and get
12 months for the price of 10




  • Easy upload procedure
    - Drag and drop
    - Browse and upload
  • One download included at no charge
  • Input asset are not retained
  • Output assets retained for 7 days


  • Social and training events

$32.50 / mo Billed Annually Up to 30% off all jobs


  • 500 GB managed storage
    - Drag and drop
    - Browse and upload
  • Option to connect existing S3 Bucket
  • One download included at no charge
  • Input/Output assets retained as desired


  • Social and training events
  • 1 Private training class/yr
  • 1 Workflow analysis session per user/yr

Contact for Pricing Up to 50% off all jobs


  • 4000 GB managed storage
    - Drag and drop
    - Browse and upload
  • Option to connect existing S3 Bucket
  • One download included at no charge
  • Input/Output assets retained as desired
  • 10 Users per plan


  • Social and training events
  • 1 Private training class/yr
  • 1 Workflow analysis session per user/yr
  • API access
  • 1 Training day (plus travel costs if onsite)

*Discount applies to general transcoding, Dark Energy, Tachyon, video legalizing, and video-only retiming (Wormhole). Optional items listed below in Additional Charges are not eligible for discounts.

Ask about our team discounts and enterprise API access packages

Rate Card

Per Runtime Minute*

$1.99 / min

$2.49 / min

$2.99 / min

* Minimum Runtime per job is 1 minute. Prices based on frame rates up to 60i/60p.

PixelStrings Rate Card

Additional Charges

Features that require an additional per minute charge and excluded from the subscription discount: Wormhole audio retiming: $0.50, Xenon: $0.50, IMF or DCP packaging: $1.00.

Notes on Runtime Cost Notes

Runtime prices apply to all industry frame rates up to 60P/60i.

For example, this means that the output of a 10-minute video at 25 fps would cost the same as a video at 60 fps. For jobs with output frame rates higher than 60 fps, a “Proxy Runtime” will be used for billing purposes. The Proxy Runtime will be calculated by dividing the Supplied Frame Rate by 60 to determine a “Multiplier”. This Multiplier will be applied to the output Runtime. For example, a 10-minute clip at 600 fps will be billed as a 100-minute job, as follows:

(600fps/60fps) x 10-mins-Runtime = 100-mins Job

The minimum Runtime for any Job is 1 minute. For billing purposes, runtimes are rounded up to the next nearest Minute. You can economize on shorter clips by assembling them into a longer video, as long as all elements of the assembled video share exactly the same specifications.

For billing purposes, runtimes are rounded up to the next nearest Minute. For example:

  • – 0:30 duration will be billed as 1-minute Runtime
  • – 4:59 duration will be billed as 5-minute Runtime
  • – 5:01 duration will be billed as 6-minute Runtime


Head to https://app.pixelstrings.com or click “Login” at the top of this page. Register as a first-time user to create your account; then, you will be able to log in using the username and password you created.

Sometimes with larger email providers (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) these emails can end up getting flagged as spam or junk mail.

Anytime, directly through a browser. If you are interested in the API, contact [email protected] and we will send information. The API is not publicly available, and is set up on a case-by-case basis by appointment. The API is available both direct to B2B consumers and to cloud OEM supply chain ecosystems.

PixelStrings (PxS) has managed storage for all plans or BYOS (Bring Your Own Storage) for paid subscriptions (currently only Amazon S3 storage is supported).

  • PixelStrings Managed Storage: Simply upload your assets through the PixelStrings UI where they‘ll be securely held till you decide to delete them. Removing your assets will permanently remove them from PxS storage so be aware there is no way to recover your assets after deleted.
  • Bring Your Own Storage: PixelStrings will connect to your cloud storage, make a working copy long enough to convert the video with GPU resources in the cloud, place the output back in your storage, and delete all cached copies. This ensures that your assets and PxS-converted assets remain solely under your control. To be clear – you pay for your own storage and the egress costs out of that storage. Associated costs for storage and egress for Amazon S3 is located here: AWS egress costs.

Currently we support AWS S3 and PixelStrings Managed Storage. Soon we will add new options like Azure, Wasabi, and Google. The PixelStrings PaaS is a growing ecosystem, so look for new features regularly that improve operability and user experience in the cloud, such as the coming FileCatalyst data transfer systems.

In AWS: in the Oregon (us-west-2), Virginia (us-east-1), and Ireland (eu-west-1) regions. We recommend that you locate your cloud storage in one of these zones to minimize egress costs that storage providers will charge you; We do not currently provide options for setting up PixelStrings in other regions or for a private cloud, but please contact [email protected] if you have a specific request.

Note: Be sure to store in one of the compute zones or the app will not connect.

PixelStrings is unique in that we require no sign-up fees or minimum purchase. We charge by the output runtime minute only, rounded up to the nearest minute. If your video is 10 seconds long, we charge you for one minute – same for 59 seconds or 60 seconds. This cost is fixed, and includes all the compute, reverse egress, codecs, and conversion required to perform the process. It also includes basic technical support, etc. It is truly a pay-as-you-go system, which is why it is so different than what has been done before.

That said, you can add a PixelStrings subscription which gets you more bang for your buck. With such features as: discounts on all jobs, managed storage, BYOS (bring your own storage), multi-user accounts, and improved customer support.

No. Select just one conversion option or all of them together – the pricing is the same regardless of what options you pick. The only exception would be third-party services, such as IMF from CineCert, HDR by Dark Energy Xenon, and Audio Retiming, which will have an associated upcharge (still calculated by the minute). The CineCert IMF is currently the only way to encode to J2K, but we will update that later (i.e., encode to J2K without IMF).