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Cinnafilm at Hollywood Professional Alliance 2016

Published: February 17th 2016

Cinnafilm will be in Booth 110 the 2016 HPA Tech Retreat in Indian Wells, CA., Feb 16-18 2016, demonstrating two new technologies and discussing its recent white paper research as described below.

  • Tachyon 6.1 low frame rate conversion technology algorithms, specifically designed for incredible-looking 24p<>25p conversions and feature film retiming.
  • Dark Energy 2.1 image optimization plugin, providing not only the highest quality, fully automated upres solution, but now designed to lower bitrates by up to 50% while improving image quality in high compression delivery bandwidth (5-20MB).  The new Dark Energy plugin is a powerful tool for dramatically improved OTT and satellite/mobile network delivery where every bit matters.
  • Discussion of our newest white paper: How good can h.264 look compared to h.265 when using Cinnafilm technology.  This study was initiated after the announcement that h.265 royalties would be required.  Can a fully optimized h.264 replace the need for h.265?

If you would like to make an appointment to meet us, please let us know.

White Paper – Dark Energy as Bitrate Saver

The Dark Energy plugin combines a well-established suite of unique algorithms to denoise, upres, and re-grain footage for optimal image quality. Originally intended for uncompressed, frame-based content, Cinnafilm began extensive lab testing in 2015 to quantify the correlation between its noise reduction techniques and actual bitrate savings for compressed streaming/transport formats.  The basis for this approach was the understood premise that if noise was not stored alongside imagery (replaced with proper “good” noise or texture), the image should improve in quality while dropping in file size coming out of the compressor – this will be critical for OTT especially as it pertains to UHD material delivery. After extensive testing, it is clear that the Dark Energy plugin is able to significantly reduce the amount of blocking artifacts seen in standard delivery bitrate ranges; in short, this plugin can put a better picture into a smaller package. Testing has revealed that up to 6mbps could be saved in key delivery bit rate ranges. The goal is to give h.264 mileage while HEVC standards are still emerging. Stop by our HPA booth to read the white paper and chat with us about bit rate optimization.

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