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Cinnafilm CEO Lance Maurer to discuss Tachyon Wormhole at GTC 2015 in San Jose

Published: March 25th 2015

GPU-Accelerated Image Processing for Modern Moving Images: Tachyon Wormhole

Cinnafilm CEO and founder Lance Maurer will discuss Tachyon Wormhole, a scalable, real-time, GPU-accelerated tool for lengthening or shortening video by precise amounts, avoiding the need for added editorial. This permits creating new commercial breaks and revenue opportunities. Processing is performed simultaneously to video, audio and captions, and the system also offers professional transcoding, motion-compensated frame-rate conversion, and unlimited format conversions. Wormhole is a software engineering marvel, receiving both “Best of Show” award at NAB 2014 and the prestigious HPA Engineering Excellence Award for 2014. Wormhole is a joint project between Cinnafilm and Wohler Technologies.

Click below to view the recording or PDF and learn more.