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Cinnafilm has broken the real-time Standards Transcoding mark for individual render streams using a single GPU – UPDATED March 2021

Published: October 4th 2013

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Previously, Cinnafilm’s Tachyon was capable of faster than real-time transcoding by leveraging the gridding functionality of RadiantGrid’s True Grid feature.  This solution provided broadcasters the ability to leverage multiple GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) onto one project to far exceed the real-time threshold for encoding and real-time Standards Transcoding.

Today, Cinnafilm is proud to announce that using Nvidia’s latest GPUs, powered by the Kepler architecture, Tachyon is now capable of rendering speeds that exceed real-time for common broadcast frame rates in a single, non-gridded transcode stream.

“Using the Kepler family of GPUs from Nvidia, Tachyon is able to run at speeds that are simply mind blowing” said Ernie Sanchez, COO of Cinnafilm.  “With a single Tesla K20x, we are able to extract more than 34 Frames Per Second of rendering speed when converting from 50i to 60i.  When you consider some of our appliances can hold up to 8 of these GPUs, you soon realize that HD Standards Transcoding has officially entered into an entirely new realm of performance.”

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For more information about Cinnafilm’s new performance standards for both Dark Energy Professional and Tachyon, please see the Performance Section of the Cinnafilm website.

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