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Cinnafilm Showcases Media Conversion PaaS, PixelStrings, at HPA Tech Retreat Innovation Zone 2019

Published: January 25th 2019

Please note: RadiantGrid by Cinnafilm has been retired. For media conversion in the cloud and on-premises, we suggest checking out Cinnafilm PixelStrings

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — January 25, 2019 — With cutting-edge technologies and advanced updates, Cinnafilm will showcase the newest version of PixelStrings at the HPA Tech Retreat (Feb. 11 – 15). PixelStrings allows access to industry-leading video and image optimization tools in a cloud infrastructure to anyone, anywhere. It also provides enterprise-grade conversion technology that addresses many issues facing video delivery: frame rate conversions, runtime constraints, artifacts, noise, telecine issues, and scaling.

Recent PixelStrings updates include Microsoft Azure’s enhanced agility and automation, the inclusion of Apple ProRes, and the award-winning Wormhole retiming capability for precise runtime changes. As an avid user of Wormhole, Fausto Sanchez, President of Performance Post Inc., says, “[Wormhole] provides almost a perfect product. Changing the runtime of media can save considerable resources versus a creative re-edit when precise runtime slots must be met.”  Other company updates include a new, soon-to-be-announced partnership with Technicolor, as the two companies will be providing an SDR to HDR up-conversion (and down-conversion) process in 2019 that encompasses Cinnafilm’s superlative image processing expertise with Technicolor’s impressive “ITM” process.

Attendees can anticipate PixelStrings demonstrations and footage review in the Innovation Zone to cover the following topics and more:

  • POC footage showing the new SDR to HDR process using Cinnafilm’s Dark Energy noise reduction and texture modeling with Technicolor’s ITM tone mapping
  • PixelStrings – all of Cinnafilm’s technology in the cloud, by the minute, including CineCert IMF
  • RadiantGrid – a hands-on look at what is going on behind the scenes of PixelStrings for those interested in an on-premises solution

Lance Maurer, Cinnafilm CEO

Lance Maurer, Cinnafilm CEO

Ernie Sanchez, Cinnafilm COO

Ernie Sanchez, Cinnafilm COO

Breakfast Roundtables
7:30 am to 8:30 am

OTT Video Quality Optimization
Ernie Sanchez COO
Wednesday, February 13

Performing Complex Media Workflows in the Cloud
Lance Maurer CEO
Thursday, February 14

As a 2018 recipient, Cinnafilm CEO Lance Maurer will also participate in the panel, HPA Engineering Excellence Award Winners, on Friday, February 15, 10:15 am – 10:40 am. Maurer says, “PixelStrings is a reflection of what our customers have been asking us for: a media conversion engine in the cloud that empowers their supply chain. As media owners begin to flex the muscle of what is possible in the cloud, we believe PixelStrings will become a cornerstone component for normalizing vast amounts of content pre-edit, and for generating multiple playout versions in the highest quality possible.  We believe the arrival of this tool is timely with the fast growth of OTT requirements; we are enabling customers with a new way of doing business right when every possible technical advantage is needed.”

About HPA Tech Retreat

The Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat is a limited attendendance event where technology sectors related to content distribution and creation gather to exhibit, explore, and debate the most cutting-edge technologies at the forefront of media and entertainment.

About Cinnafilm, Inc.

Cinnafilm, Inc. is a global leader in innovative video optimization solutions for television, film, and multimedia delivery. Harnessing the unmatched computing power of modern graphics cards, Cinnafilm’s patented, 100% file-based software solutions are rapidly changing the field of high-quality image processing. Cinnafilm software is in use today at many of the world’s premier, forward-thinking studios and networks, solving a wide variety of very complex imaging problems including but not limited to restoration and bitrate optimization, noise removal and texture-matching for digital cinema and film, and automatic retiming and standards conversions within real-time transcode workflows.


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