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DVideoPro examines Cinnafilm and other tools for creating a professional DSLR workflow

Published: November 2nd 2011

It’s edging close to the two-year mark since DSLRs were first used on professional motion-picture and TV productions. Back then, it was an open question whether DSLRs could find a home in mainstream production or whether using them constituted a one-off production trial. Equally important was whether the post production zeitgeist could easily adapt to some of the weaknesses inherent in the cameras themselves: issues of compression, rolling shutter and moir√©/anti-aliasing, etc., for creating a professional DSLR workflow.

The article goes on to look at Cinnafilm’s tools for Video Standards Conversion, Denoising & more. Creating a professional DSLR workflow is very important. With more footage being shot on DSLR, this can help your footage!