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(WATCH) Faster-Than-Realtime Standards Conversion on Live IP Video: Tachyon + SwXtch.io

Published: April 24th 2024

From NAB 2024: the Workflow Demo That Simplifies Complex Live Production

If you are tasked with delivering live content, the complexities of conversion requirements no longer need to impede your production. 

Cinnafilm’s flagship standards converter, Tachyon, has been tightly integrated into SwXtch.io’s cloudSwXtch network fabric, turning infrastructure both on-prem and in the cloud into one switchable network that can do faster-than-realtime standards conversion on live IP video.

“It’s a RED camera, 2110 JPEG XS into the cloud through Tachyon LIVE,” said Lance Maurer in an interview from the Cinnafilm booth at NAB 2024 with Simon Tillyer from KITPLUS. “Out in a different frame rate and SRT coming into the floor, and you can pick it up on your phone. That is a big deal for us.”

Watch the short video from the show floor>>

This seamless solution simplifies live sports and major world news event workflows like never before. Whatever combination of feeds you’re dealing with, you can convert to a common standard and distribute using SRT.

A frequently asked question about the cloudSwXtch integration and all of the tools in the PixelStrings platform is: does it run on-prem? Not everyone is ready to do everything in the cloud yet. 

Whether you’re in the cloud fully, you’re just starting to explore, or you’re on-prem and that’s all you want to do, PixelStrings tools run the same in all of them. If you’re on-prem and you need to burst up to the cloud, it’s the same workflow. You just drag and drop it. That’s one of the reasons people choose PixelStrings.

To find out more about Tachyon, PixelStrings, and the integration in cloudSwXtch, book a demo today