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Ortana Launches Click2Encode with Cinnafilm Tachyon standards conversion

Published: October 4th 2016





New modular suite of online services set to revolutionize the world of broadcast content management

Ortana Media Group is set to revolutionise the world of broadcast media technology with the introduction of the Click2 transactional pay-as-you-go file management plortana-2atform. Based on three modules (Click2QC, Click2Encode and Click2Archive), it gives broadcast-related businesses of any scale the freedom to perform many of their media management activities without need for dedicated on-site equipment.

“Broadcasters and postproduction companies typically gear themselves for a predicted average level of activity,” says Ortana founder and CEO James Gibson. “Click2 offers them the freedom to expand their resources to meet transient peaks in demand without needing to invest capital and space in extra hardware.”

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