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RadiantGrid Technologies Incorporates Cinnafilm Image Optimization and Format Conversion

Published: January 26th 2012

Please note: RadiantGrid by Cinnafilm has been retired. For media conversion in the cloud and on-premises, we suggest checking out Cinnafilm PixelStrings

RadiantGrid Technologies has integrated the massively parallel Cinnafilm Pixel Strings™ image processing engine into the RadiantGrid™ Platform for Image Optimization and Format Conversion.

More about  RadiantGrid and Image Optimization and Format Conversion

Leveraging NVIDIA’s CUDA technology, Cinnafilm’s benchmark software, Dark Energy®, has become a plug-in for all existing RadiantGrid installations. The integration brings some of the most advanced motion estimation-based image optimization and standards conversion technologies available today to the grid-based transcoding software from RadiantGrid.

To find out more about the full  lineup of Cinnafilm products for Video Standards Conversion, Denoise, Degrain, Video Cleanup and more, check out all our products.