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ROOT6 ContentAgent with Cinnafilm Tachyon Automates Avid Workflows at Prometheus

Published: July 7th 2016

Tachyon by Cinnafilm

ROOT6 ContentAgent with Cinnafilm Tachyon Automates Avid Workflows at Prometheus

Prometheus Entertainment, a programming supplier to the US cable TV market, produces diverse content for History Channel, A&E, AMC and Warner Bros. ranging from docudramas to non-fiction series and specials. The company’s Avid-based editing environment demands fairly complex ingest and framerate conversion workflows. Consequently Prometheus has deployed ContentAgent from ROOT6 to help manage and automate parts of its editorial operation.

To handle its workload across several bases in Los Angeles, Prometheus Entertainment decided to centralize file-based ingest in order to maintain continuity between assets and projects located on and off site.

One of the more time-consuming and expensive bottlenecks Prometheus encountered before deploying was framerate conversion. But because Cinnafilm’s Tachyon motion compensated framerate conversion can be integrated into ContentAgent as a purchasing option, such delays can now be avoided, thanks to ROOT6 ContentAgent with Cinnafilm Tachyon.

From the article:

VP of Post Production Greg Cohan said, “We found several products that can ingest to the Avid ISIS, but chose ContentAgent because it is configured for the whole Avid editing environment, rather than specifically an Interplay proxy environment. This meant we could ingest both high resolution Avid media and offline resolution files. Most of the other ingest systems work with Avid H.264 or MPEG4 proxies which are typically too low a bandwidth for our clients to review correctly.”

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