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Cinnafilm Tachyon 6.1 Now Available

Published: February 26th 2016
Cinnafilm Tachyon 6.1
With the release of Tachyon 6.0, users have begun to experience the most accurate 23.976/24/25p automated conversions ever by our technology.  Tachyon 6.0 contained our 4th generation motion compensation engine and it provided the first real alternative to speeding up/slowing down conversions to/from 23.976 and 25p.Cinnafilm Engineering made additional advancements to some of our Frame Mechanics algorithms which have proven to be very beneficial for specific situations. Cinnafilm Tachyon 6.1 is Now Available.

Standard Definition telecine patterns in video with scene fades tend to present analysis challenges.  With so much content being removed from archives and placed on streaming services, the need to be more accurate with this situation is paramount to bringing old shows into the new online-delivery standards.  We have made adjustments to our “Allowed Increased Detection Sensitivity” function, making Tachyon even more accurate when dealing with this situation.

  • Telecine/pulldown removal algorithms are nearly fade indifferent, providing a lock on the repeated fields significantly sooner than before.  By improving lock-on accuracy, the de-interlacer is not invoked unnecessarily, preserving resolution and details at low resolutions.  (This also works for HD, but the existing Telecine/Pulldown removal performed at HD has significantly more information to work with than SD – making the improvement less impactful at HD resolution).
  • Additional frame detail preservation safeguards were added when removing telecine patterns in mixed-mode video.

Our clients have provided some of the most iconic television series from the pre-HD era for testing, and we are happy to say that Tachyon 6.1 has been rock-solid in removing telecine patterns from every source provided.  We look forward to having you install and run Tachyon 6.1 in your workflows and provide us feedback on how well we perform with your toughest footage.

For more information about Cinnafilm Tachyon 6.1, please contact the team at Cinnafilm or one of our many partners.