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Tachyon Continues to Outpace the Competition with Tachyon plug-in for Transcoders

Published: September 9th 2015

Cinnafilm’s latest advancements in motion estimation technology have been incorporated into an already impressive set of features in the Tachyon plug-in for Transcoders.  Tachyon 6.0, which will be made generally available a few days after the 2015 IBC expo, features our 4th generation motion compensation engine which nearly eliminates all artifacts associated with frame rate conversions and retimes derived from low frame rate sources.

More about the Tachyon plug-in for Transcoders

A common method for exchanging film-rate content between North America and Europe is to crank up/down the playback speed to achieve the new frame rate.  While the relatively small % difference between 23.976 and 25p provides an acceptable video result, the drawback of run time alteration and pitch correction has kept broadcasters on a continual search for a better motion compensated solution. “One trip back to the edit bay to create a version that can survive the run time alteration due to speed up/down of the video is expensive”  said Lance Maurer, CEO of Cinnafilm.  “Tachyon 6.0 provides the first real option to speed change for 23.976 / 25p interchange, allowing content creators to keep their original programs intact.”

“Low frame rate conversions and retimes have always proven to be a challenge for conventional motion compensation technologies” added Chris Gorman, CTO of Cinnafilm.  “The new motion estimation algorithms in Tachyon 6.0 are going to set expectations higher on what can be accomplished using frame analysis/synthesis technology. The impact of our new algorithms combined with our other recent advancements will greatly simplify Tachyon.  With this release, we expect most clients will use AUTO modes more than 95% of the time.”

The 4th generation motion engine is a standard feature in Tachyon 6.0, but will require a license update to your Tachyon and Tachyon Wormhole deployments.  Please contact your OEM Cinnafilm partner for more information or drop us a note at [email protected].