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Tachyon plug-in for Harmonic Carbon ProMedia

Published: July 11th 2013

Tachyon plug-ins are looking great and spreading at the speed of light with the Tachyon plug-in for Harmonic Carbon ProMedia

We just released the newest Tachyon plug-in for Harmonic Carbon ProMedia and are happy to announce a new entry level pricing at $6,000 (North America) per GPU instance/node. This plug-in is only available from Cinnafilm and/or its resellers.

Tachyon plug-ins enable unbelievable freedoms in the areas of high grade image processing. They are also available from our fantastic transcoding partners at Telestream Vantage, Wohler RadiantGrid, and Root 6 Content Agent.

Are your plug-ins as good as your appliance?

A: Definitely. What you gain by purchasing plug-ins directly from our valued transcode partners is a larger capacity for front line support (i.e., them), plus all the advantages of their transcoding options and specialties. Essentially, Tachyon is available on every major transcode partner that considers high grade image processing a priority.

What about Digital Rapids Kayak?

A: We are considering a port to this new, exciting system once we get enough demand for it. If you are interested in seeing Tachyon on DR Kayak, contact us.

Which transcoding solution do you recommend with Tachyon?

A: We recommend whatever matches your overall workflow goals the best. This is an integrated ecosystem, and you must consider a bevy of options. The images look the same coming out of our product regardless, so you must choose the transcoding/MAM solutions that best fit your goals. We are happy to make recommendations, but are agnostic to our partners – we love them all equally.

To learn more about the full line of Cinnafilm Products for Standards Conversion and Media Enterprise Solutions, click here.

Are you using the Tachyon Plugin with Harmonic Carbon Promedia? Tell us in the comments! If you need help with Cinnafilm Tachyon, you can always contact us.