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Cinnafilm Tachyon Wormhole 2013 (UPDATED March 2021)

Published: July 11th 2013

UPDATED for 2021: Check out Cinnafilm Pixelstrings for our suite of video standards conversion, retiming, frame rate conversion and more!

Coming in Q3, the new Wormhole retimer algorithm will allow the ability to not only do high grade standards and formatting conversion and cadence corrections, but will allow you to change the run time of any single clip or file by up to +/- 10%. Working carefully with our new audio partner (to be announced in the fall), we will be able to provide you with something that is as valuable as the clip itself – more time! Beta will be ready by October, and we are seeking companies interested in being beta partners in exchange for 50% off the price of the software! Please contact us for more information.