Vantage is Stronger Through Partnership with Cinnafilm

Published: 2017.01.26

How Telestream is in collaboration with global partners to provide comprehensive workflow solutions

With the complexity of today’s broadcast equipment market, it has become unrealistic for customers to buy a soup-to-nuts solution from a single company without compromising features, capabilities or quality. Partnership is mandatory.

For this reason, Telestream has integrated the technology of its Enterprise Partners—including over 50 industry leading technology companies worldwide—into its Vantage media-processing platform. This makes the toolbox available within the Vantage automated workflow extremely comprehensive.

With the increasing demand for upconversion from HD to UHD and 4K, as well as the need to handle varying international standards, Telestream is in partnership with Cinnafilm to incorporate Tachyon for standards conversion and Dark Energy for up-conversion, into the Vantage media processing platform.

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Cinnafilm tools are available for a variety of platforms, through our resellers, OEM partners or directly from Cinnafilm, depending on the product. We are happy to provide CAPEX and OPEX purchasing options.

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