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Webinar Replay

Watch the replay of Content Owners: Isn’t It Time To Monetize Your Library?

This webinar featuring industry leaders from Embrace, Emotion Systems, Venera Technologies, and Cinnafilm explores the intricacies of handling diverse customer use-cases in media supply chain automation. 

Our expert panel includes Emmanuel Pain, Embrace; Anand Jahagirdar, Embrace; Fereidoon  Khosravi, Venera Technologies; MC Patel, Emotion Systems; and Dom Jackson, Cinnafilm.

Panel Headshots

They discuss:

  • The challenges of integrating multiple vendor solutions. 
  • Practical approaches to simplifying complex Systems Integration (SI) projects. 
  • How unified solutions from Venera Technologies, Emotion Systems, Cinnafilm, and Embrace can be leveraged to streamline and automate content delivery, video restorations & conversions, audio processing & enhancement, and quality control. 

By watching, you’ll gain insights into how these collaborative efforts can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide flexible, automated workflows tailored to your specific needs. This webinar is a must-watch session for media professionals seeking to refresh library titles, optimize new production, validate sources & QC outputs, and prepare for final delivery processes. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand the value of integrated solutions in media supply chain automation
  • Learn about specific use-cases and how they can be applied to your operations 
  • Explore the benefits of a collaborative approach to Systems Integration with Low-Code  orchestration 

Watch the replay and let us know if you have any questions!