Cinnafilm has a number of new partnerships as well as new cloud announcements with existing partners. For more information, read about all our partner updates in our latest news.

Dalet xN Cloud with Tachyon

What: Tachyon for Dalet xN Standards Converter
When: Available NOW
Comments: “Dalet xN solutions open new business and operational horizons for our customers. As part of that initiative, Dalet xN Standards Converter offers a unique approach to make high-quality standards conversions on-demand in a few clicks. Cinnafilm was an obvious partner for Dalet as Tachyon allows to leverage the GPU capabilities of AWS Marketplace instances and deliver high throughput conversions.”
– Matthieu Fasani, Senior Products Manager, Dalet

Ortana Media Group

What: Tachyon for Click2Encode
When: NAB 2017
More Info:
Comments: “Tachyon is an industry standard for high-quality format and standards conversion, and the integration within the Cubix platform allows us to offer our clients full orchestration of GPU-based image processing via the Tachyon CLi. Now that this integration is complete it allows us to branch out into a truly transactional process via our Click2encode platform utilising cloud-based virtual machines, meaning you pay minute by minute for your encodes.”
– Adam Welsh, Partner, OMG


What: Tachyon for SDVI Rally™
When: Available NOW
More Info: or
Comments: “We’re delighted to add support for Tachyon to the SDVI Rally platform, continuing to make the best-of-breed tools available to our customers on a consumption basis. The addition of Tachyon will bring the best standards and frame rate conversion and frame correction tools to our growing community of Rally users.”
– Simon Eldridge, Chief Product Officer, SDVI

Telestream Cloud with Tachyon

What: Tachyon for Telestream Cloud
When: Available NOW
More Info:
Comments: “Telestream is pleased to announce that Cinnafilm’s Tachyon video processing technology is now available on Telestream Cloud. Tachyon video processing is available as an option within any Telestream Cloud encoding preset; this includes AVC, HEVC, HLS, DASH, and others. Tachyon provides the best motion compensated frame rate conversion, de-interlacing, rescaling, inverse telecine and cadence correction in the industry” said Shawn Carnahan, CTO Telestream. “We’re excited to be the first cloud encoding service to fully leverage this technology to its potential.”