High Quality Conversions for Modern Transcoding Pipelines

Although it is just a theory in astrophysics, it is a reality for Cinnafilm clients and partners. Tachyon plug-ins give users of popular transcoding platforms access to high quality format and standards conversions tools, elevating their regular transcoders to Tachyon powered Standards Transcoders™.

Cinnafilm’s patented, GPU-based algorithms in Tachyon are the replacement for dedicated, SDI hardware converters that broadcasters and post facilities have wanted for years. And since Tachyon is available as a plug-in for most popular transcoding platforms, the need to replace an entire workflow just to achieve real-time Standards Transcoding, has come to an end.

Please contact your Transcoder Provider of choice for a quote.


Transcoding systems which have integrated Tachyon include:

Cinnafilm partner Dalet
Imagine Communications