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(WATCH) At NAB, Here Are Two of the Top Problems We Heard About

Published: May 9th 2023

Throughout the exciting days on the show floor at NAB 2023, we kept hearing a couple of common problems. Maybe these will sound familiar to you too.

The first problem is that production teams using different cameras can end up capturing in different standards and formats. And of course, for live production, the problem becomes magnified for editorial or international delivery. You need to convert or deliver it to a single file format quickly and easily while keeping high-quality images.

While at NAB, I did an interview with Simon from KITPLUS in our booth on the show floor. We talk about this common challenge and an easy, affordable fix. Watch the video. »

With Tachyon, you can drag and drop the files in different frame rates and formats into a folder and it automatically converts into normalized formats.

We also talk in the video about how we are now partnering with SwXtch.io, so Tachyon Live will be an option inside the SwXtch.io CloudSwXtch that you’ll be able to get on Google, AWS, and Azure marketplaces. And because it’s pay-as-you-go and software-based, our gold-standard enterprise-level solution is scalable and available at a surprisingly affordable price point.

In the same video, we tackle the second problem we kept hearing about at NAB… Do you have an old library that you’d like to monetize?

If so, one of the factors that may have stopped you up until now is that the archive is a mess. It would be great to breathe life into that old content, but first it needs to be cleaned up and made watchable. Check out the easy fix. »

PixelStrings media conversion platform helps you bring your legacy library back to life by putting it into the proper audio and video formats, so that it’s up-res, color corrected, clean, and ready to monetize.

PixelStrings can now connect to Backblaze cloud storage, giving you another astonishingly easy way to safeguard your content. And we’re adding Venera QC so that you can run automated quality control on captions – making the process beyond easy.

Do you want to finally monetize your old archive with content that meets your quality standards? Or perhaps you’re ready for an easy fix to your production teams working with different standards – even live?
If so, let’s talk soon about how Tachyon, Tachyon Live, and the full PixelStrings platform can improve the quality of your deliverables efficiently. Book a time on my calendar.

–Lance Maurer, CEO