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SwXtch.io and Cinnafilm Announce the General Availability of Tachyon™ LIVE for cloudSwXtch, Conversions Powered by NVIDIA GPUs in the Cloud

Published: September 25th 2023

swXtch.io partners with Cinnafilm for cloud deployment of its IP-XCode technology with Tachyon LIVE running on NVIDIA GPUs

ALBUQUERQUE – September 25, 2023 – swXtch.io LLC and Cinnafilm announce the commercial availability of Cinnafilm’s live IP transcoder, IP-XCode, with Tachyon LIVE as part of cloudSwXtch. First announced and demonstrated at NAB 2023, Tachyon LIVE brings Cinnafilm’s award-winning media transformation technologies to live workflows for the first time. IP-XCode with Tachyon LIVE provides broadcast-quality standards conversion, including motion-compensated frame rate conversions, deinterlacing, scaling, and color space conversions for IP-based live video streams, along with live IP protocol conversions for streaming video. This joint offering enables users to reliably network and switch output streams through public cloud infrastructure, while performing real time, low-latency conversions like HD50p to UHD60p on a single 1/3rd NVIDIA A10 GPU instance with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation software while in transit, delivering the highest quality converted IP video outputs possible for modern consumption format requirements. Tachyon real-time, high-quality conversions, now available in all major public cloud providers, are made possible by the computational power of NVIDIA GPUs.

To deliver its new live products to the cloud, Cinnafilm has partnered with swXtch.io and its cloudSwXtch virtual overlay network. cloudSwXtch adds feature-rich, high-performance media networking to cloud or edge deployments and provides advanced features not previously available on cloud networks. cloudSwXtch creates an on-ramp for production media workflows to run in the major public clouds and offers performance parity with on-premises workflow environments. cloudSwXtch enables the delivery of IP-XCode with Tachyon LIVE worldwide through public cloud infrastructure with unmatched flexibility, scalability, and low latency.

cloudSwXtch allows easy integration of partner features through its advanced API and in-network computing power. The solution combines swXtch.io’s networking expertise with capabilities from partners like Cinnafilm, who bring best-in-class video processing competencies to deliver high-performing networks and workflows. Customers benefit from a flexible, easy-to-deploy implementation that requires fewer VMs compared to other products. With IP-XCode with Tachyon LIVE built in, cloudSwXtch simplifies workflows for customers needing a variety of video transformations.

“The launch of IP-XCode with Tachyon LIVE marks a major milestone for our media and entertainment clients seeking the highest quality conversions while leveraging the benefits of on-demand cloud infrastructure,” said Brent Yates, CEO of swXtch.io. “Together with Cinnafilm, we are accelerating the shift of media workflows to the cloud and helping broadcasters transform operations with unparalleled flexibility and scale.”

IP-XCode accepts NDI, SRT, and SMPTE 2110 input streams on-premises or in the cloud and can be converted to various output protocols including NDI and SRT, enabling simple integration into existing broadcast workflows. With integration into cloudSwXtch, the combined solution can take in LIVE Multicast, RTP, UDP, NDI, SRT, and 2110 flows – convert the flows with IP-XCode – and output them to multiple destinations in any of the supported network protocols. cloudSwXtch and IP-XCode are cloud-agnostic and are available across networks that rely on Azure, Oracle, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services.

“We are thrilled to partner with swXtch.io to make IP-XCode with Tachyon LIVE easily accessible to broadcasters worldwide through flexible, scalable cloud delivery,” said Lance Maurer, CEO of Cinnafilm. “The integration of IP-XCode with Tachyon LIVE into cloudSwXtch enables us to offer an on-demand, industry-leading conversion capability for live IP streams for our global customers. This incredible technological breakthrough is made possible not just by our joint engineering teams, but also by the cloud providers who have added the incredible compute capabilities of modern GPUs from NVIDIA. This is an amazing example of how big cloud enables powerful applications from smaller companies, benefiting enterprise customers with access to more affordable, adaptable technologies – this will be critical in the years ahead, as they search for cost savings while maintaining quality. These are really exciting days to be in this business.”
Tachyon LIVE requires NVIDIA GPUs to operate. Tachyon LIVE provides full-motion-compensated frame rate conversions, deinterlacing, scaling, and color space conversions on NVIDIA A10 GPUs. The solution is available in most major cloud providers.
Cinnaflim’s award-winning image processing engine has relied on the highly efficient compute power of NVIDIA GPUs since development first began at the company in 2004.
The large stack of analytics and processing has become extremely efficient, consuming over 99% of all available compute cycles and ensuring the anything-to-anything conversion capability in real time is made possible for all professional target framerates and formats. It would take ten times as many CPU cores to match the compute power of a modern GPU. For advanced image processing, CPUs create a significantly higher heat footprint to reach the same quality, and a higher carbon footprint results from those inefficiencies.
Tachyon for file-based has been in use in hundreds of its 350 facilities around the world and has been trusted for most major professional sporting events since 2014.
Please visit www.swxtch.io for more information or to start a free trial.

About swXtch.io

swXtch.io brings advanced capabilities to traditional cloud networking environments that have the potential to revolutionize cloud networking through its innovative multicasting solution. The groundbreaking cloudSwXtch technology adds feature-rich, high-performance networking to cloud or edge deployments and unlocks missing network features that are required for demanding, high-throughput workflows. cloudSwXtch solves these technical issues without requiring code changes and offers a simple path to create reliable networks in the cloud. swXtch.io is a wholly owned subsidiary of IEX Group, Inc. Learn more at www.swxtch.io.

About Cinnafilm

Cinnafilm provides award-winning video and audio processing solutions and specializes in standards conversions, real-time transcode workflows, high-quality motion-compensated frame rate conversions, audio/video retiming, deinterlacing, denoising, and pristine playback optimization. Trusted by many of the world’s premiere studios, streamers, networks, and their collective creative service suppliers, Cinnafilm’s media conversion and transformation tools are essential business differentiators in the demanding field of premiere quality media delivery. Learn more at www.cinnafilm.com.

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