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CEO Lance Maurer Presents Cinnafilm Technology at NAB ’13 HPA Post Pit

Published: April 10th 2013

Las Vegas, NV April 10, 2013

Until Cinnafilm’s products arrived, high-grade format conversions and image processing were limited to expensive hardware baseband or hybrid solutions.  CEO and Founder Lance Maurer will present “Let Go Of Your Baseband, Luke: File-Based Image Processing Solutions Are Finally Here!” Lance will discuss Pixel Strings®, the scalable, real-time, GPU-accelerated motion vector engine that drives Cinnafilm’s two file-based flagship products: Dark Energy® and the award-winning Tachyon™. Both of these cutting edge technologies are available as software-only solutions, and are scalable in speed by simply adding more GPUs. This is one presentation that you won’t want to miss!

Cinnafilm Technology at NAB '13 HPA Post Pit