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Super Slow-Motion, 4K and Media Transformation Solutions @ IDEA Conference

Published: July 16th 2018

Extraordinary-looking conversions for sports video

Next week in Indianapolis, Cinnafilm will be displaying the technologies of Wormhole and Tachyon that transform everyday video into extraordinary assets.

  • Super slow-motion from 59.94 video
  • Flawless standards conversions for high-motion video
  • Extremely accurate deinterlacing
  • Precision upres/downres

We encourage you to bring short video clips (less than 1 gig in size) that are of importance to you so you can see them transformed by Cinnafilm’s award-winning image processing software solutions.

We are excited to be attending our first IDEA conference and look forward to meeting you next week.  We will show you how easy it is to convert 29.97i sports footage into a wide variety of playback formats – all with the single goal of ensuring supreme playback quality.  You have to see it to believe it.


Team Cinnafilm