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Cinnafilm’s Wormhole Retiming – Time is no longer constant

Published: July 15th 2014

There are times when you have to take time out of projects, or have to add time in when international programs are shorter than the content requirements for your country. That’s where Cinnafilm’s Tachyon Wormhole retiming comes in.

Wormhole retiming not only speeds up projects up to 10%, it also lengthens them by up to 10% using the same exceptional algorithms.  Audio, captions, video – all expertly retimed without doubling frames or dropping content.

Click the image below to see a very challenging video demonstrating both -6% and +6% runtime adjustment. Smooth pans along with high motion pose the greatest challenges to legacy retiming solutions. Using Wormhole retiming, we are able to focus on providing the best video content retiming between audio, captions, and video, without causing issues between our original content and the newly-retimed content.

Wormhole retiming

Contact us to find out how Tachyon Wormhole tackles this problem while providing the strongest, file-based Standards Transcoding solution available in a single server.

Cinnafilm Tachyon benefits include:

  • Standards Conversion (NTSC/PAL)
  • Motion-compensated frame rate conversion – any source frame rate to any target frame rate
  • Inverse telecine/pulldown removal – simple/complex patterns
  • Broken cadence correction
  • Precision motion blur for high frame rate to low frame rate conversions
  • Scene-by-scene automated precision

Learn how you can purchase Cinnafilm Tachyon by clicking here.