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Dark Energy® Expands Into Broadcast Market – Cinnafilm Dark Energy for Broadcast

Published: September 8th 2011

Curious about how to use Cinnafilm Dark Energy for Broadcast Media?

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – With the release of Dark Energy Tachyon®, Cinnafilm has created a scalable transcoding platform which contains the most sought after features to solve today’s most complex video problems. Powered by Cinnafilm’s® patent-pending Pixel Strings motion engine, and leveraging the proven NVIDIA® CUDA platform, highly scalable Tachyon workstations or clusters can be deployed to tackle any volume of material. Tachyon has the flexibility of assigning cluster resources to process many projects simultaneously or to dedicate CPU/GPU resources for ultra fast transcoding of a single project – making Tachyon the most flexible transcoding, format conversion, and image correction/optimization toolset in the video universe.

  • Simple watch folder/scriptable ingest system adaptable to any work flow
  • Automated broken cadence detection/correction
  • Automated normalization of intermixed scan types
  • Superb algorithms for any 24/50i/60i standards conversion
  • Transcoding to/from nearly any Container/CODEC combination, including ProRes
  • High quality up/down Image Scaling for mobile devices to 4k resolutions
  • Full closed caption support with SCC, SAMI, DFPX insertion
  • Automated noise reduction using Cinnafilm’s class-leading Dark Energy Texture Manager algorithms
  • Scalable to achieve ANY desired frame per second rendering speed for simultaneous projects
  • 3rd party plug-in ready for QC, Audio loudness leveling, watermarking
  • Full Digital Cinema Package options

“Cinnafilm has a proven record for creating world-class image optimization for theatrical content with our Texture Manager product. With Tachyon, we have achieved a mature level of broadcast transcoding and file management by partnering with RadiantGrid® to provide a stable transcoding framework for our new Dark Energy Tachyon” Lance Maurer, CEO of Cinnafilm said. “RadiantGrid was a logical partner to team up with to solve today’s difficult, file-based video issues; and the end result of our partnership is perhaps the most comprehensive, highest performing toolset available in the market. Cinnafilm is proud to ship this new product after much research in what broadcasters and content providers want and need to meet their production deadlines.”

Dark Energy Tachyon is ideal for content providers needing automated, accurate results from source material that may or may not meet the quality standards of their clients in its present state. “Providers of online content such as iTunes®, Xbox®, Amazon.com, all have very high quality standards for their video.” said Ernie Sanchez, COO of Cinnafilm. “We know that getting first-time acceptance of submissions is incredibly important because re-work equals lost revenue. Knowing your transcodes have automatically been corrected of problems you did or did not know about is an indispensable tool for high volume business. Only Tachyon can provide these kinds of assurances.”

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