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Dark Energy Texture Manager™ New Features – Dark Energy version 2.2 Now Available (UPDATED April 1st, 2021)

Published: May 17th 2011

UPDATED April 1st, 2021: For the newest Dark Energy Texture Manager New Features and more tools for Video Standards Conversion, Denoise, Degrain, and video cleanup tools in a cloud-based application, check out Cinnafilm Pixelstrings!

For Cinnafilm clients on uplifted software support, the new and improved Dark Energy Texture Manager 2.2 New Features is now ready for downloading. This release provides many of the features requested by our user community as well as some fixes associated with reported bugs.

Dark Energy Texture Manager 2.2 New Features include:

  • Improved dust/artifact removal on the first/last frame of every detected scene cut
  • Improved grain/noise removal on first/last frame of every detected scene cut
  • High quality image resolution scaling (Mobile device to 4K)
  • Revised Wizard which allows users to detect cuts and analyze noise automatically
  • DPX Version 2 support
  • Added support for matching DPX output headers to input headers
  • Improved support for interlaced footage; added deinterlaced preview to wizard
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes (see release notes)
  • For users not currently on uplifted support, please contact [email protected].

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