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Dark Energy Professional 4.0 – Now with frozen pixel healer

Published: March 3rd 2016
Dark Energy Professional 4.0
Dark Energy Professional 4.0 by Cinnafilm



The long awaited release of Dark Energy Professional 4.0 is finally over. We have released DE Pro 4.0 with new features that you asked for when we conducted our user survey.

Version 4.0 (released) introduces our frozen pixel healer feature to remove any color of frozen pixel by containerizing and then selecting one of 2 “heal” methods.  Dark Energy’s automatic analysis will present all reasonable heal candidates and the user gets to select which pixels are valid and which ones are not.  It’s incredibly robust, fast and easy to use.

4.0 also includes improvements to our RGB box rendering, input accelerators, and a great enhancement to our timeline.  Previously when using the timeline, the project tree highlights did not move with the timeline indicator, forcing users to click into the timeline segment to highlight the correct process in the project tree.  This manual step is no longer necessary as the project tree processes within each segment now moves and highlights automatically as the project is playing.

Version 4.1, which will be out in April will be a massive speed improvement for Timeline Auto Analysis.

Both 4.0 and 4.1 require an update to your security key – please be sure your support/maintenance is up to date and work with [email protected] to get the new keys issued.


Dark Energy Pro 4.0 features – Dead Pixel Healer and Segment Operation Tracking
Dark Energy Professional 4.0
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