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Tachyon is Coming to Telestream Vantage Cloud 2.0 – Cinnafilm Tachyon Telestream Vantage Cloud 2.0

Published: March 7th 2016
Tachyon by Cinnafilm

We are pleased to announce Cinnafilm Tachyon is coming to Telestream Vantage Cloud 2.0 with Tachyon Telestream Vantage Cloud 2.0.  Integrated directly into Vantage Transcode Pro transcoder.  Supported by GPU enabled cloud instances, Cinnafilm Tachyon is a global “gold standard” for frame mechanics and standards conversion. It possesses automated intelligence, capable of making decisions on how to process video like a precision operator on a scene by scene basis. Offered in the Vantage Cloud International configuration, Cinnafilm Tachyon adds a new dimension to the Vantage Cloud service for dealing with the complexities of frame rate conversion, deinterlacing and telecine conversion when preparing content for delivery to any screen in any country.  Tachyon is well known for producing supremely high quality conversions by resolving even the most complex compositions and montages that comprise content with mixed frame rates and cadences.

Tachyon performance is achieved using GPU processing. Vantage Cloud provides access to the fastest and most powerful Amazon Web Services GPU instance types.  Vantage Cloud, securely provisions fully functional Vantage Virtual Domains in the cloud, in less than 15-minutes. With a few clicks, you define the scale, location and performance of Vantage Virtual Domains to deliver compelling new products and services to your customers and organizations, and pay for the time that you use it.

Vantage Cloud 2.0 will be available in Q1 2016 on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, search for Telestream. For answers to questions, email Jim Duval at [email protected].