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Real Time Benchmarking for Video Standards Transcoding – Dark Energy® Texture Manager 2.3 Shatters the Real Time Benchmark

Published: August 13th 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – – Cinnafilm® Engineering has advanced the technological bar of film restoration and noise removal once again with its latest release of Dark Energy Texture Manager, furthering Real Time Benchmarking for Video Standards Transcoding . Dark Energy Texture Manager is a world-class noise reduction platform that set the standard for both quality and speed when it was introduced as ARRI Texture Control in 2009. Since then, Dark Energy’s power and precision has been used to restore some of the most prolific movies of all time such as “Gone With The Wind” and “Children of Paradise.”

New Features included in Dark Energy Texture Manager Release 2.3 include:

  • Batch processing using custom templates or auto analysis
  • An additional motion estimator for increased control of degrain and dust-busting processes
  • GPU stacking to achieve unprecedented speeds for SD, HD, 2K, 4K
  • With today’s servers and workstations capable of multiple, high-bandwidth PCI-E connections, our software can invoke multiple NVIDIA GPUs to output projects at unprecedented speeds without sacrificing quality” said Chris Gorman, CTO of Cinnafilm. “Using a simple interface, our offline batch rendering system will subdivide projects automatically and farm the segments out to each Tesla or Quadro GPU, thereby increasing output speed by 100-400% or more, depending on the number of GPUs and disk I/O.”

Dark Energy Texture Manager has been deployed by some of the highest profile studios in the world who understand the significant differences between noise reduction technologies available in the market today. For Real Time Benchmarking for Video Standards Transcoding, “Cinnafilm’s Dark Energy Texture Manager is an excellent tool” said WETA Digital’s Nick Booth. “We have selected Texture Manager to offer our clients high quality de-noise and grain management for their projects.”

Cinnafilm COO Ernie Sanchez added, “Being selected by the industry elite to solve the difficult tasks they face on a daily basis is tremendous validation we are doing something significant here. With our latest advancements in quality coupled with extremely fast uncompressed 2K, rendering speeds on a single workstation, we have placed significant distance between us and our closest competitors. We are excited to be offering such an amazing set of advancements to our user community for such a minimal financial investment.”

For more information on Cinnafilm’s industry leading Dark Energy technology, please send a request to [email protected]

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