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(WATCH) Optimizing SD Video for HD & UHD Docs

Published: December 14th 2022

How DxD Makes Archival/Legacy Content Look Amazing

Worried that your SD content from archives will look awful when you edit it into your UHD documentary footage? (It’s true, a lot can go wrong!)

Take a look at this Cinnafilm webinar hosted by Curtis Staples, our Director of Partner & Customer Success with special guest Joe Bogdanovic, senior restoration specialist at Different By Design (DxD).

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Joe and Curtis shared insights on how to optimize standard definition content for your HD and UHD documentaries. You’ll see the top factors in getting the most out of your important SD footage – he brought footage and examples.
Watch now to discover details about:

  • Identifying and minimizing SD video signal flaws
  • Fixing old telecine cadence issues
  • When up-scaling is more than just creating more pixels
  • Framing tricks to make 4:3 work better in 16:9
  • The importance of proper monitoring

Joe has worked on amazing documentary feature film projects, including Oscar winner ICARUS. The webinar concludes with a Q&A discussing challenges faced in perfecting SD content for HD and UHD productions.