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Cinnafilm and OTT

Every frame matters in the home theater experience. OTT relies on clean progressive frames for unprecedented playback quality. Content often requires expensive, time consuming conversions and difficult restoration processes to meet delivery standards. PixelStrings transcends barriers to video delivery with fast, pay-as-you-go conversions in the cloud.

With advanced updates in video delivery for OTT, PixelStrings empowers creators and distributors to affordably transform and deliver beautiful content from any browser.  Access Tachyon, Dark Energy, Wormhole, and RadiantGrid for stunning results in frame rate conversion, scaling, runtime adjustments, as well as artifact, noise, and reverse telecine correction.

PixelStrings optimizes media supply chain efficiency for independent filmmakers, archivists, and production outfits of all sizes by normalizing vast amounts of content and generating the highest quality deliverables. Discover what is possible in the cloud, at scale, and affordably leverage the industry’s best conversion technologies for OTT and more with PixelStrings.