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(WATCH) PixelStrings Chat with Warner Bros. Discovery: Empowering the Supply Chain Strategy

Published: April 15th 2022

Watch “PixelStrings Chat with Warner Bros. Discovery: Empowering the Supply Chain Strategy”

Cinnafilm’s Curtis Staples talks about flexibility, scalability, and infrastructure overhauls for cloud-based supply chains with Warner Bros. Discovery’s Josh Derby and Adam Weyl. Find out how Cinnafilm PixelStrings has changed the game for WB Discovery’s delivery ecosystem with its unique content transformation capabilities.

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You can also book a demo and/or private meeting.

Cinnafilm has some exciting upcoming features to share with you:

  • Tachyon Live
  • Tachyon 10
  • The return of IMF authoring
  • PixelStrings 5.0 – Dolby Digital encoding, a new burn-in module, further expansion of ingest and output codecs…
  • And much more!

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