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(WATCH) Bringing Live End-to-End Cloud-Based Conversion to Life

Published: October 17th 2022

Have you been wondering if your business could move away from the capacity and cost constraints of on-prem processing and instead spin up real-time standards conversion for live feeds whenever you need it? And scale up or down, according to demand?

If you were at IBC2022, you might just have seen the first public demo of the technology that makes this possible. It’s our latest industry first: faster-than-real-time, fully motion-compensated frame rate and format conversion for live streams in the cloud.

Cinnafilm was on the Microsoft stand at IBC2022 showcasing TACHYON LIVE, powered by Azure, performing live motion compensated frame-rate and format conversion of a 60p feed, going through the cloud, to 50p HD and being streamed down to the show floor. The demo was the culmination of our collaboration with Microsoft to bring SMPTE ST 2110-compliant live video standards conversion to Microsoft Azure, and it was great to see it in action.

Check out this postPerspective video from the show floor, and you’ll see how excited I am about demo – and happy to be back at IBC!

Cinnafilm’s Lance Maurer IBC2022 from Cinnafilm Inc on Vimeo.

For any company looking to deliver the highest possible quality video at scale, this workflow can be a game-changer. And now, every piece in this puzzle has been defined, integrated, and put to the test. We’ve shown that the model works, and because it’s in the cloud, it works for companies of all sizes – with variable processing needs depending on the day or project.

You know it’s scalable because it’s in the cloud. Curious about quality? TACHYON LIVE performs standards conversion including PAL/NTSC frame rate and format conversions, high-quality deinterlacing, and up/down rescaling from SD through UHD, and it can process the highest-quality conversions for UHD 59.97p to UHD 50p 45 percent faster than real time in existing Azure NVIDIA GPU-accelerated infrastructure, providing adequate headroom to avoid dropping frames.

With that combination of scalability and quality, it’s a great option for live standards conversion. We’ll be showing off the workflow at future trade shows, but I’d be happy to provide more detail or walk you through a demo before then. Just use my calendar booking link to set up a quick meeting. I look forward to walking you through live cloud-based standards conversion with TACHYON LIVE.