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Cinnafilm Integrates Accurate Video’s Powerful Monitoring Capabilities into PixelStrings

Published: December 28th 2020

2020 was an exciting year of growth for Cinnafilm. Our media processing platform, PixelStrings, is an exponentially expanding hub of best-of-breed media technologies. We’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and efficient user experience, which makes the integration of CodeMill’s Accurate Player a solid addition to what is available and what is to come. We’re proud to announce Cinnafilm Integrates Accurate Video’s Powerful Monitoring Capabilities into PixelStrings.

About Cinnafilm Integrates Accurate Video’s Powerful Monitoring Capabilities into PixelStrings

Accurate Video’s core component, Accurate Player, has been integrated into the PixelStrings workflow for professional subscription users to allow frame-accurate validation of the conversion output generated without leaving the browser. It allows users to get the first test and taste of the capabilities of the Accurate Suite. Users can create a proxy in Accurate Player, cutting the cycle time down from when a workflow is envisioned to when images can be approved. We know that one size does not fit all with proxy playback. For Tachyon and Wormhole-only workflows, a lower bitrate is possible because playback smoothness and artifact inspection are not significantly impacted at lower rates. For Dark Energy and Dark Energy Xenon-enabled workflows, a higher bitrate proxy is generated because image texture and details are critical to verify. In either case, Accurate Player provides the review mechanism to very quickly view the test samples that are generated.

“Cinnafilm with PixelStrings aligns perfectly with our vision to allow media companies of the world to make their content shine. Through PixelStrings unprecedented media conversion toolkit together with the reliability of Accurate Video, we can ensure that this happens.” – Rickard Lönneborg, CEO of Codemill

Cinnafilm Integrates Accurate Video’s Powerful Monitoring Capabilities into PixelStrings
The integration of Accurate Player into PixelStrings allows frame-accurate validation of the conversion output generated without leaving the browser

Here’s a quick PixelStrings primer: PixelStrings is a video and audio conversion service that delivers ultimate playback and audio quality for media. Leveraging the award-winning framerate conversion, retiming, artifact/noise/telecine correction, and transcode technologies from Cinnafilm, this SaaS enables the mass creation of best-possible video versions while leveraging infinite, GPU-enabled cloud compute power. Skywalker Sound provides an audio suite integration that automatically orchestrates complex workflows for loudness correction, channel mapping/routing, downmixing, and retiming. PixelStrings enables the freedom of a predictable OpEx as a simple pay-as-you-use toolset available 24/7 through a browser as a cloud service and on-premises.

“Integrating Codemill’s Accurate Player has been a tremendous value add during COVID-19. With many operations unable to get on-premises to view transformed files on a broadcast playback system, the ability to properly judge the playback of assets becomes a complicated mess of downloads and “hopeful” frame-accurate playback on a CPU-limited laptop or tablet. Accurate Player allows our clients to view the assets from their Chrome browser with the accuracy and controls of a professional broadcast playback suite.” – Ernie Sanchez, COO of Cinnafilm

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Accurate Video is a web-based video platform created for broadcast, post-production, and media professionals, designed for seamless integration with video platforms, applications, or MAMs. Workflows that traditionally require on-premise infrastructure, a fast network, and expensive client hardware can be moved to a low-spec laptop and a simple web browser leveraging the power of cloud computing. We encourage you to visit Accurate Video for a more detailed experience.

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We strive to make PixelStrings the most efficient, affordable workflow option with the highest level of quality achievable. Contact us with any feedback and suggestions that will make your workflows everything you need them to be.

By Laquie TN Campbell | Director of Marketing (Cinnafilm) and Johan Bergström | Director of Marketing (Codemill)