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PixelStrings Media Conversion Platform Updates: Dolby Digital® Encoding, Trial Subscription Tier, Video Legalization, Updated UI, and More

Published: January 14th 2022

PixelStrings Media Conversion Platform Updates

New Features

  • PixelStrings now includes a free tier. The tier can be chosen once a new user’s current subscription (or trial) has lapsed. Start your PixelStrings journey here.

  • Cinnafilm has been certified for Dolby Digital® (5.1) encoding. MP4, MPEG TS, and MXF Op1a containers have been enabled for encoding and users can select from many channel configurations and a full set of options for the encode.
  • Faster upload options for PixelStrings with thread selection options (up to 128).

  • For PixelStrings On-Prem:
    • Multiple, simultaneous jobs are now allowed on individual GPUs with higher amounts of memory. A license is needed for each simultaneous conversion, and make sure disk i/o is ready for the higher throughput.
    • Load balancing across multiple PixelStrings Transcoding Engines and within a single Transcoding Engine equipped with multiple GPUs.

General Updates

  • Proper error messaging for job submissions with timecode ranges. This applies to normal job submission and watch folders (On-prem only).
  • Proper error messaging for jobs that have audio retime and downmixing.
  • Video Legalization – functionality is now only available for Professional (and higher) subscriptions.
  • Load balancing optimized for multiple servers in a PixelStrings render farm.
  • Longer display list of alphabetized watch folders (On-prem only).
  • Dark Energy Xenon – improved user interface guided by input and output formats and encoding speed performance for SDR-HDR upconversions (Advanced HDR by Technicolor includes ITM and SL-HDR (ATSC3.0)).

Full technical bulletin details are available here.

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