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Cinnafilm Announces New Tachyon Integration With Dolby Hybrik

Published: February 24th 2022
Cinnafilm's Tachyon is now a part of the Dolby Hybrik cloud media processing platform

Cinnafilm’s Tachyon is now part of Dolby Hybrik

Cinnafilm announces the integration of its award-winning frame rate conversion and correction system, Tachyon, with Dolby Hybrik’s cloud-based media processing transcoding service.

Tachyon is an enterprise-grade software tool for high-quality standards conversions, frame rate conversions, reverse telecine, and pattern and frame rate normalization. This integration empowers Dolby Hybrik users to create the smoothest playback experience, whether it’s PAL to NTSC or creating refreshed progressive content from the most problematic source content.

To meet constantly evolving expectations, it is critical for content providers to ensure smooth playback and quality viewing experiences for their audiences. That can be challenging with source material that has broken cadence or interlacing issues, especially if frame rate conversion is required as well. Tachyon was designed specifically for this purpose and can fix these challenging issues scene by scene and automatically. Tachyon was created from the ground up for file-based workflows leveraging Nvidia GPU to provide unparalleled speed performance with both vertical and horizontal system scaling.

“The combination of conversion quality, speed, and scalability Tachyon provides is unparalleled in the industry,” says Cinnafilm CEO and founder Lance Maurer. “Our mission at Cinnafilm is to not only deliver the best image processing and media transformation tools on the market but to also work with other industry technology leaders like Dolby Hybrik. Integrating Tachyon within Dolby Hybrik will support our growing customer base who is engaged in cloud-based transcode. I am excited to finally connect these two technologies.”

Dolby Hybrik allows content owners to optimize their content for delivery to any device. Hybrik customers can manage thousands of cloud-based machines to rapidly create outputs in any format, including in ground-breaking Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos spatial audio. Dolby Hybrik is used by many of the largest content distributors in the world.

“We are excited to have Cinnafilm’s Tachyon standards-conversion plugin available within the Dolby Hybrik transcoding platform,” said David Trescot, Sr. Director at Dolby Laboratories. “Cinnafilm is a technology leader in standards-conversion, and our customers are happy to be able to have an integrated solution.”

Tachyon received the Hollywood Professional Association’s Engineering Excellence award in 2012. Maurer says, “The current version of Tachyon represents a continuous focus on providing the best progressive frames for broadcast, OTT streaming, and beyond.”

The Tachyon integration is now available for both new and existing Hybrik customers and available exclusively from Cinnafilm direct.

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